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Breathing with a Purpose: Breathing Techniques for Endurance Athletes

Cross-country running is definitely a sport that relies on endurance. When talking about athletics, endurance refers to the capacity of the body to continually perform during exercise. For example, someone who can continuously run for 10 miles has more running endurance than someone who gets tired after 2 miles. Having better endurance does not necessarily… Read more »

Mind Games: The Psychology Behind Basketball

The psychological aspect of athletics has been a hot topic with professional athletes. Many college and professional teams have psychological coaches who are hired to work on the mental aspect of their performance. These psychological coaches are often referred to as “mental game coaches”, and help teams and individuals with issues such as anxiety, choking,… Read more »

Snack Break! Healthy, Energy-Filled Snacks for a Mid-Race Boost

While it is crucial to fuel your body with healthy foods (preferably wholesome carbohydrates) and water before a competition, you may also need to eat something DURING the competition. Specifically addressing winter sports, you may have a few different races one afternoon where you need some sort of energy boost in between. While a hearty… Read more »

Hitting Snooze: How Sleep Affects Athletic Performance

Generally, physical fitness and nutrition seem to be the spotlight focus for improving athletic performance. While they are undoubtedly two primary factors for athletic excellence, there is another factor that is often overlooked or forgotten about. SLEEP. Sleep plays a major role in both performance and recovery. If you are not getting enough sleep at… Read more »

Strengthening Exercises for Alpine Skiing

Sometimes the subtle burn in your quads becomes too much. As you carefully weave between each marker on the steep slope, your focus shifts to your suddenly fatigued legs. It’s as if someone has surreptitiously attached 20-pound weights to each of your thighs during your brief stint down the mountain. How can you possibly concentrate… Read more »