Warming Up for Winter Sports

Everyone knows that Vermont winters can be painfully cold at times. Sub-zero temperatures with driving winds and feet upon feet of snow are not the most inviting conditions to go outside and be active. However, snowboarding, skiing, and snowshoeing must go on! The cold weather makes a pre-event warm-up that much more important. While warming… Read more »

Out With the Bad, In With the Good:Healthy Food Substitutions to Help Bowling Performance

Nutrition is an essential component of athlete performance. Oftentimes physical fitness becomes the focus for performing well, but eating well can be just as important. Filling your body with wholesome food will give you the energy to perform and the nutrients to recover. This doesn’t mean that it’s only important to eat well right before… Read more »

State Trooper Elected to Lead LETR Council

Special Olympics Vermont is proud to announce the appointment of a new Co-Director of the Law Enforcement Torch Run Executive Council. Senior Trooper Callie Field serves out of the Vermont State Police barracks in Derby and has been an active member of Vermont’s Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) for more than a decade. “VSP Sr…. Read more »


Sore muscles are proof of hard work, but they can also cause a great deal of discomfort. During bowling season, a variety of muscles can become sore from training or games. Maybe it’s your triceps one week, but your glutes are particularly sore the next. Regardless of the location of your discomfort, there is no… Read more »

Bowling Alley To-Go Snacks

Everyone can relate to those times when your stomach starts rumbling at about 3:00 pm. It is not quite time for a meal, but you are nonetheless hungry. What your body is asking for is a SNACK: something that won’t ruin your appetite, but will hold you over until your next meal. So what happens… Read more »

Sport & Meditation

Meditation is a word that many people use as a catchall phrase for different cognitive relaxation techniques. Some people consider daydreaming a form of meditation. Others believe that being deep in thought is a way to meditate. While these two practices have value, the formal definition of meditation, is more complex. According to Yoga International,… Read more »

Bowling Specific Strength Exercises

There are many aspects of bowling that make it a difficult sport. The heavy ball, slippery shoes, and the one-sidedness of the throw are just some of the challenges that bowling presents. One of the great things about participating in sports is being able to take on different challenges, and figure out ways to overcome… Read more »

Managing Frustration at the Lanes

Frustration is inevitable with any sport. Whether it’s missing a free throw in basketball, making a poor pass in soccer, or falling on the ski slope, it is easy to get upset at yourself for making mistakes. Bowling is no different. Obviously we strive to make a strike every shot, but that is not realistic…. Read more »