Preventing Bowling Overuse Injuries

Bowling is an extremely fun, competitive, and rewarding sport. However, it can also lead to some pretty serious injuries. On first appearance, bowling doesn’t seem like a sport that would have many injuries. You aren’t running, cutting and changing directions, or having physical contact. However, the nature of the bowling motion, along with the heavy… Read more »

Avoiding Distraction on the Golf Course

If you ever watch a professional golfer closely, it becomes apparent how mentally focused they are. Just by looking at their eyes, you can tell that they are zeroed in on the ultimate goal: getting the ball into the hole. This laser focus is easier said than done. Even professionals have mental lapses where they… Read more »

Soccer: Dynamic Warm-Up

Soccer is a sport that requires endurance, strength, agility, and finesse. While your whole body is involved while playing the game, your lower body and core are used the most. Therefore, it is important to warm up those muscles before a practice or game to help prevent injury and maximize performance. Quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves are… Read more »

From Athlete to Coach

Mary Lafountain is an athlete with the Special Olympics Vermont Addison County program and has been competing for more than twenty years.  She plays many sports but is primarily a long distance runner. When we sat down to talk with Mary she had just completed the Maple Run in Middlebury where she ran 6 miles… Read more »

Bennington Goes to Nationals

The 2016 Special Olympics North America Softball Invitational Tournament will take place August 18-21 in Roanoke, Virginia. A Unified team comprised of Special Olympics Athletes and Unified partners from Bennington, VT is one of just 32 teams from around the country selected to compete. This team recently won a gold medal at the Special Olympics… Read more »