Training Guide: Coaching Special Olympics Athletes

Special Olympics Vermont requires all new head coaches to complete the Coaching Special Olympics Athletes training program. Assistant coaches must also complete the training program by the end of their first year as a Special Olympics Vermont coach. Follow these instructions to complete the training, report your scores to Special Olympics Vermont for certification record-keeping, and receive reimbursement for the course fee.

Instructions to complete the Coaching Special Olympics Athletes course:

  • Follow link to the ASEP Course Offerings
    1. Go to this link: and scroll down to select online course button under “Coaching Special Olympics Athletes” from the options
    2. Choose Vermont from the drop down menu titled “Choose Your Local Program”
    3. Click Add To Cart
    4. The page will look the same, but under the Coaching Special Olympics Athletes picture will read, “You must be logged in to add this product to your cart. Please click here to log in or create an account now.”
    5. Click the link and create your account
    6. Click the register button to the right of the screen
    7. Enter your user information, creating a password. Click finish
    8. Enter your address information – type in “Special Olympics Vermont” as the institution – click finish
    9. Enter you sport related information, indicating your involvement – click finish
    10. Click continue
    11. When it asks if you have taken the ASEP test before. Click No. On the next page, click “Please Create my ASEP ID Now.” This will be your unique ID.
    12. Click continue. Click link to continue again.
    13. Once again, make sure you have chosen Vermont from the “Choose Your Local Program” drop down menu. Hit choose.
    14. Click the Add to Cart button to the right of the screen
  • Follow through with the order process.
    1. They will email a receipt to you. *PRINT OFF THIS RECEIPT*. Without the receipt, coaches cannot be reimbursed for the course.
    2. Complete the course.
    3. Once the course is completed, you will take the test. Upon completion of this test, they will email you your results. If you have not passed the test, you are able to retake it. If you HAVE passed the course, *PRINT OFF THE EMAIL CONTAINING YOUR FINAL SCORE*.
    4. Send in the Receipt, the Test Result Email, and a State Check Request Form to Justin Graham at the state office, and you will be reimbursed for the course.
      • Address:
        Special Olympics Vermont
        16 Gregory Drive
        Suite 2
        South Burlington, VT 05403
    5. Keep in mind you can always access your completed trainings by going to the original link at the top of the page, logging in using your email and password, selecting the “Courses” tab at the top of the page and then selecting the “Print My Certificate or Transcript” from the drop down menu